Written by the American Hiking Society. Rewritten by us.

  1. Proper shoes. A good shoe makes all the difference. Imagine what two of them can do.
  2. Analog yourself. GPS is awesome, until it isn’t. There’s no shame in a paper map and compass.
  3. Water. Carry more than you think you need. Coors Light doesn’t count.
  4. Food. Calorie-dense stuff is best. This is definitely not the time for celery sticks.
  5. Rain gear/Dry-fast layers. Remember the last time you got caught in the rain wearing jeans? Ugh. And that was probably just in a parking lot..
  6. Light. Fire. Whistle. Being safe means you can always see your way, warm yourself, call for help. Even if you don’t use them, being prepared is sexy.
  7. First aid kit. Because “Rub some dirt in it” doesn’t actually work. And it hurts.
  8. Knife/Multi-tool. You never know what you’re gonna need a blade for. Especially if a chupacabra comes along.
  9. Sun protection. Sunscreen is a must. Sun-protective clothing, sunglasses, etc. are too. The sun’s beautiful, but she can be bitch.
  10. Shelter. A little protection from the elements goes a long way. Even a “space blanket” works well when you’re in a pinch. Plus, they’re cool and shiny..

While we’re having a little fun with these things, they are ALL very important. Check out the official American Hiking Society list here: https://americanhiking.org/resources/10essentials/