Below are some things you must bring. Some things you can bring if you like. And some things you don’t have to even think about because we’re going to provide them whether you like it or not.

Required Gear:

  • Hiking boots because duh.
  • Hiking Socks that are moisture-wicking. Don’t even think about hiking without socks. That can be painful and at the very least, it’s gross.
  • Personal prescription medications including, but not limited to, epinephrine auto-injectors for anaphylactic allergies.
  • Daypack large enough to carry water, food, and layers.
  • Sun protection like lip balm, sunscreen, wide-brim hat, rainbow-colored beach umbrella←JK
  • Water bottle/Hydration pack
  • Weather appropriate clothing. Moisture-wicking synthetic or wool layers help keep you comfortable and/or dry and/or not feeling like a dumbass because you knew better.

Optional Gear:

  • Energy snacks. You know you’re gonna eat them whether you need energy or not.
  • Lip balm/protection to keep your pie-hole protected.
  • Rain gear Waterproof/resistant jacket, pants, hat.
  • Sunglasses. They don’t need to make you look cool, but it never hurts.
  • Wide brimmed hat w/retainer cord

Provided by Hippy Viking:

  • Group first aid kit – Wound care items and over-the-counter medications for minor injuries and illnesses
  • Trekking poles
  • Witty bear jokes