Ever been out walking a trail and you have to stop for a second and look around and take it all in because everything feels perfectly in-synch with exactly how you’re feeling at that very second? That. That right there is what we’re all about. 

That’s the Hippy Viking spirit.

Get you some.

Julie Christiansen, Founder.

The OG HV.

About Julie

One Third Hippy.

One third viking.

One third business woman.


One-third Business Woman
About Julie

One third doesn’t give AF.


And definitely not a mathematician.

Anyone can be a Hippy Viking.

Except judgy judgers who judge.

We have some pretty experienced hikers in our ranks. You know what they don’t carry in their packs? Elitism. They love this stuff and they don’t get precious about it. We also have plenty of casual hikers. They just want to get out there in their own way, without any pressure. We have a buncha folks, of all kinds, in between.

Regardless of level, Hippy Vikings have a common thread. No posturing. No pretense. No judging. We’re all equals here. All equally awesome. Because we’re all hikers. As long as you’re out there on (or off) the footpaths, in the woods and the open stretches, nurturing your nature-ing, all is good. You’re one of us.

Plus, judging is just energy that could be better spent burning some calories. Taking in the views. Exploring the trails. Or blazing your own. You know, hiking. So, yeah.